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Rachel Shafer Ministries

Come Home Book

Come Home Book

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In an age gripped by deception, countless souls-including our children, spouses, and friends-are drifting away from God. It can feel like they're lost to the tyranny of darkness. But for every heart that aches for a loved one's return, there's a word of hope, promise, and supernatural power waiting to be unleashed.

Drawing from prophetic insights, bestselling author and apostolic voice Tim Sheets and his daughter, Rachel Shafer, herald an imminent word: The return of prodigals to Jesus are spiritual warriors poised to reshape history and spearhead national reform! This isn't just about church attendance; it's about divine destiny.

Full of timely prophetic words, powerful prayers and decrees, and faith-building testimonies, you will discover:

  • Powerful prayers, prophecies, and decrees that unlock your loved one's divine destiny and purposes.
  • Strategies to counter demonic forces attempting to ensnare those distanced from God.
  • Prophetic visions revealing God's plans for the great harvest of prodigals.
  • Faith-igniting testimonies of impossible turnarounds.
    How to partner with angel armies of evangelism in their heavenly campaign.
  • How to reject discouragement and rekindle a fervent spirit of prayer and proclamation.

In the heat of this spiritual battlefield, remember: discouragement is the enemy's tool.

You could be a prayer away from unlocking a miracle in a prodigal's life. Stand firm, and with renewed hope, pray, prophesy, and proclaim the redemption story God has planned.

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