Life is filled with unexpected journeys, both good and bad. While it’s often easy to see God in the good times, it can be challenging to hold onto hope in the midst of tragedy and impossibilities. In the darkness, things often seem hopeless.

Wife, mother, and minister Rachel Shafer takes you on a raw journey through her compelling story, filled with angelic intervention, Holy Spirit revelation, divine dreams, and supernatural encounters.

When you expect a God-encounter in your darkest hour, He will redeem what seems hopeless with supernatural answers!  

Expect God

Expect God Book ($10 plus $4 s/h)


Bundle of Promise

“A Bundle of Promise” is a book that you can read to your little ones, or young ones can read for themselves. Every child is born with purpose and has a destiny to fulfill. God has deposited unique gifts and talents within each of us. This book is designed to speak into children’s lives and realize the potential and promise within them. The book is designed with “wipe-off” pages in case little sticky fingers get hold of them.

Bundle of Promise

Bundle of Promise book ($10 plus $4 s/h)


Expect God Mug

Custom made coffee mug ($15 plus $5 s/h)