Oasis Worship

Oasis Worship’s passion is to bring people into the presence of the King, creating an atmosphere of spontaneous, prophetic worship. Our desire is to create songs that bring people to moments of worship where everything fades and only He remains. Our music reflects the heart of Pastor Tim Sheets and The Oasis Church.  Oasis Worship currently has two projects available for purchase.

NEW MUSIC!!  Oasis Worship recently released 3 new singles!

“I’ll Be The One”

“God of Breakthrough”

“War Cry”

The songs are available everywhere you stream music:  Spotify, YouTube, Amazon Music, Apple, iTunes, etc.

Or you can purchase the CD here:   https://www.oasiswired.org/oasisworship


Beautiful Noise

You can purchase “Beautiful Noise” here.

Or it is available on iTunes.

strike the sky

You can purchase “Strike the Sky” here.