Expect God

Expect God is the working title of my newest book to be published in April 2019.


Life is filled with unexpected journeys, both the good kind and the bad kind. A good portion of my life has been an unexpected journey.   Some journeys have been incredibly awesome and others have been incredibly challenging.   The little unexpected journeys are fairly easy to navigate. The big ones can either cause our lives to turn upside down or draw us closer to the One who infuses us with strength. I have been through times of suffering and certainly didn’t see much beauty in them, but after a passage of time, God’s purposes were fulfilled and the true beauty of the experience was revealed.  God met me in my darkest pain and taught me to hope.

What do you do when you’re waiting on a promise from God to be fulfilled?  How can you continue to believe while you’re waiting for healing to manifest or breakthrough to come?  Part of believing is to wait expectantly.  When we’re tempted to be downcast by our circumstances, we can gain Heaven’s perspective by looking up to God and being filled with the kind of hope that can only come from Him.

Upon reading and then applying the life changing truths in this book, you will learn how to let hope in to life’s difficult and unpredictable situations.  You will be empowered to believe in the One Who does the impossible.  You will be able to go beyond believing into fully trusting God.  If you allow God into your darkest moments, He will take those moments and in the proper season, turn them for good.  If you are in the will of God, no matter how dark your situation may be, remember this: God has a plan, God has a purpose, and God will make everything beautiful in His time.