About Rachel


Mark and I met in the college choir at Miami University.  He asked me out on the last day of class and now we’ve been married over 20 years!  I graduated with a degree in Elementary Education and landed a teaching job almost right away.  I taught 3rd and 4th grade for eight years before becoming a stay at home mom.   Then shortly after that I began leading the worship at our church which led to me now being:   an author, worship leader, song writer, blogger, wife and mama to four beautiful kiddos.

Kids horizontal

I’m passionate about Jesus, my family, adoption and inspiring hope in others.  A good portion of my life has been an unexpected journey.   We have struggled with secondary infertility, the unknowns of adoption and have navigated unexpected medicals needs and diagnoses with some of our children.  Time and time again I have seen God restore ugly, difficult moments in my life and make them beautiful.  I hope to inspire you to believe big and hope strong when the reality of what your facing doesn’t match God’s goodness.   If you are in the will of God, no matter how dark your situation may be, remember this: God has a plan, God has a purpose, and God will make everything beautiful in His time!