I am excited to have 2 devotionals featured on the YouVersion Bible App!


Expect God 

Life is filled with unexpected journeys, both good and bad. While it’s often easy to see God in the good times, it can be challenging to hold onto hope in the midst of tragedy and impossibilities. Be empowered to believe in the One who does the impossible. When you expect a God encounter in your darkest hour, He will redeem what seems hopeless with supernatural answers!



Tune My Heart

We have to be careful of what defines our heart because it is what instructs, guides, and leads us. We need to develop our ability to tune into God’s voice at all times and be able to tune out distractions that block His voice. We can tune out all voices of criticism, doubt, unbelief, and negativity every day by tuning our hearts into God and His Word.

I hope these are a blessing to you!