{Expect God}

My book, Expect God, has been officially out for just one day!  Today, April 17th marks the day that Jaidin was officially declared healed by his neurologist!!  My book is not all about Jaidin.  The story of his miracle doesn’t begin until chapter 12, but it is where my book’s title comes from.

January 17th marked the two year anniversary of Jaidin’s stroke.  That day will forever be imprinted in my heart.  Jaidin had surgery that day for his cleft lip and palate, but no one knew that during the surgery he had a stroke…all we knew was that he wasn’t waking up.

This was my post on Facebook, 2 days after surgery…my eyes still well up with tears just reading this update…

j-19 early

Later that day, Jaidin was transferred to the ICU.


He wasn’t waking up or responding to us.  It’s the most terrified I’ve even been in my life.j-20

equipmentjaidin hospital

I went home that night and penned the lyrics to what has become known as Jaidin’s Song:  Expect God.


Here is the song as I sang it that very night.  We played this recording and held it up to Jaidin’s ear multiple times a day.

Day in and day out, we kept praying for him to wake up and show signs of improvement. He made very minimal improvement over the following two weeks.  On Friday, February 4th, he had an MRI and it was discovered he had a brain bleed (stroke).

Our very healthy six year old could no longer walk, sit up or swallow.  He was laying in bed being fed through a feeding tube.  It was heartbreaking.

But God.

We cried…we prayed…and we didn’t give up believing or expecting.  Because that’s what God told us to do:  “Don’t give up, expect God.”  One of the chapters in my new book details this extraordinary miracle, so I won’t do it here.  But suffice it to say, God showed up big time!

Jaidin still had a feeding tube in this picture, but he’s saying goodbye to everything else!  No more wheelchair, Gait belt, breathing treatments or suction!

jaidin wheelchair

After 3 months, Jaidin was healed!  After doctors said he may never walk or swallow again.  We are so grateful for God’s miraculous healing power that showed up big time in his life!

Screen Shot 2019-04-13 at 8.57.48 AM18010405_10212288210697828_3473722034242696851_n

Life is filled with unexpected journeys, both good and bad.  While it’s often easy to see God in the good times, it can be challenging to hold onto hope in the midst of tragedy and impossibilities.  In the darkness, things often seem hopeless.   I learned in the darkness how to to expect God to come through and He did, again and again!

You can order Expect God here and be empowered to believe in the One who does the impossible!


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