{Heart Alignment} Part 1

I’ve been thinking about the heart a lot lately.  The heart is the key organ of the circulatory system.  I’ve been learning about how the heart functions and problems that can arise in the heart.

Our youngest daughter Lily has been having some episodes of SVT, which is rapid heart rate. She had an EKG and an echocardiogram done.  The test showed that the SVT could be treated fairly easily with a heart ablation.  It’s an outpatient surgery and one that is done often.  Considering all the surgeries Lily has had, this seemed pretty easy.

However, there was an “incidental finding.”  Something unexpected showed up on the test. It was discovered that Lily has coarctation of the aorta, which is a narrowing of the aorta.  When this occurs, your heart must pump harder to force blood through the narrowed part of your aorta.

This condition is generally present at birth and can range from mild to severe. Sometimes it might not be detected until adulthood, when symptoms start to happen.Lily was not really presenting any symptoms of this aside from her blood pressure.  The blood pressure in her arm was quite a bit higher than the blood pressure in her leg, which is a symptom.

We went into this test not thinking there was any defect in her heart.  In fact, not too long ago I was very confident that God was going to do a suddenly with her heart.  I spoke at my church recently about this being a season of suddenlies. So I believed that her heart was going to suddenly beat in perfect rhythm.

God said it.  I believe it.  That sorta thing.

So, I was a little taken aback at this appointment.  I walked into it certain that the test was going to reveal healing, not reveal a problem.  So I started talking to God and just asking Him what was going on?  Saying, You spoke to me about this being a season of suddenlies,  I know you spoke a clear word to me about that, so what is this?  Why is this happening?

To which He said, “What else I have been saying to you?

I immediately thought of 2 things.

I participated in a Bible study over the summer with some friends and during it we always have a time of worship and prayer.

During one of those times, I kept hearing the verse from Romans 4:17 to call things that aren’t as though they were. I heard this after Lily had experienced a couple of episodes of SVT, but before we knew anything.

So, I began decreeing that Lily’s heart beats in perfect rhythm.   And then we got this another news, so I added to my decree.  I started decreeing not only that her heart beats in perfect rhythm but also that it functions perfectly and properly

Then the Lord gave me a verse Psalm 139:1-2

“Lord, you know everything there is to know about me. You perceive every movement of my heart and soul.”

He knows – He already knew about this.

We may have been taken by surprise but He was not.

The second thing I was reminded of was that the morning of Lily’s first cardiologist appointment, before we knew of anything else wrong with her heart, The song, “You’re Not Finished Yet” was on my mind.  It had been a song on my mind really the whole previous week.  It’s not a song we sing at our church (yet!) it’s not even really a song I had listened to often, but it had popped in my head the previous week and I had added it to my worship playlist.


So these two things: call things that aren’t as though they are and You’re not finished yet.  I think I was so focused on a season of suddenlies that I missed what else He was saying to me.  But, I know how to hear my Father’s voice.  I have walked and talked with Him for over 30 years.  So when I asked questions in that moment I was able to hear His response to me.

He gave me what I needed before I went into that appointment- He said you’re going to call things that aren’t as though they are – So in other words, I’m giving you the words to decree into this situation.  And I’m telling you that I’m not finished yet.

Philippians 1:6 says “There has never been the slightest doubt in my mind that the God who started this great work in you would keep at it and bring it to a flourishing finish.”

He would keep at it and bring it to.

Keep at it  means that he would carry it forward to completion; he would perfect it.  It is an intensive form of the word, meaning that it would be carried through to the end.  It means that God would carry on the work which he had begun to completion. He would not leave it unfinished.

Bring it also means will perfect it. This was so encouraging!  These words He spoke to me gave me boldness to speak into Lily’s situation and gave me the confidence to believe it.

So I began speaking…believing…decreeing.

Then Lily was scheduled for a cardiac MRI and we were thrown for another loop when the cardiologist called and said that, once again, something else had been revealed on the MRI which suggested another bigger problem – a very rare and very serious heart syndrome.  He suggested what this could be and then asked to do another test on Lily, this time a cat scan.

This was last Saturday morning. It was the first day we’ve had nice fall temperatures here in Ohio and I took my coffee out on our deck and I just began to talk to God.  I started out by expressing my frustration to Him.  Lily has been through more than anyone I know  She has had surgery after surgery and so many things revealed that were wrong inside of her.  I just couldn’t believe that after all that, there would be something else.

And then I clearly heard these words and I typed it onto a note in my phone:

He said to me “What you are doing is allowing her to live. She would not have lived if left in China. But I have come to give life and give life abundantly and I am doing that through you.  You are the hands and the feet and the tears and the prayers for her.  Get it done.”

It was exactly what I needed to hear.  In that moment, He whispered the words that I needed.

But…what if I hadn’t heard those words from Him?

What if I wasn’t able to clearly hear His voice?

I would be writing this post today with a much different perspective because it wouldn’t be His perspective.

Lily did had the cat scan this week and she does NOT have the syndrome that was suggested on the MRI, so that is very much a praise!  She does have coarctation of the aorta and also has a narrowing of the aorta that goes to her left arm.  And of course what started everything, her heart rhythm issues.  We are expecting a call next week regarding the next step for her

In the meantime we are continuing to decree and pray over her. We know that this was revealed so we can get it fixed.

All of this thinking about the heart, led me to thinking about how sometimes there are things that try to define our hearts that aren’t true.

Things that don’t line up from the Word of God.

Stay tuned for part 2 and have a great rest of your Monday!

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