{Gotcha Day}

Yesterday we celebrated Lily’s 12th Gotcha Day!  The day that she was finally placed in our arms.

September 18, 2007

Lily came to us at the age of 14 months and only weighed 14 pounds.  She was soooooo tiny!  We spent the following two weeks in China getting to know our new daughter.

While we were in China, we bought enough gifts to be able to give Lily something special from her birth country every year on her Gotcha Day (until her 18th birthday).  Some of the things we have already given her have been a Chinese barbie doll, bracelet, jewelry box, purse, name stamp with her name written in Chinese – just little things, but they are special to her.

This year’s gift was a beautiful tea set with pandas on it.  She wants to be a panda this year for Halloween, so this seemed like the perfect gift!

Lily’s favorite food are Chinese dumplings.  I think she would eat them everyday if she could!  So, we always have dumplings on her Gotcha Day.


If adoption is on your heart, let me encourage you to take a leap of faith and do it!  It has been one of the most amazing things our family has ever done.  I’m happy to answer any questions you have about it.

Happy 12 years Lily Mei Mei!

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