{God of Every Moment}


A few weeks ago, we sang a song during worship and one of the lines in the song really stood out to me.  “God of every moment.”  I felt His presence so strongly as I sang those words.  Hebrews 13:5 assures us that God will never leave or forsake us.  I began to think of all the moments we’ve been blindsided, taken off guard, but knowing that He was and is always right there with us.

Lily had her cardiac MRI a few days ago.


She was not happy that she had to get an IV!  They had to stick her twice, but eventually got it.  She was so brave!   She was fighting back tears the whole time.  I kept holding her hand and telling her how awesome she was and I had a picture of Jesus doing that with us.

God of every moment.

It is not lost on me that Lily was placed into a family with a dad who knows so much about medical terminology. Mark understands the complex surgeries and the things that doctors are talking about.   He knows the questions to ask the doctors and he knows how to explain things to me.

Lily was also placed with a mom and family who loves fiercely and would do anything for her and who believes wholeheartedly- so strongly and so boldly- in the miracle working power of Jesus.  We hope. We believe. And even more than hoping and believing, we EXPECT!

We call things that aren’t as those they are! Perfect heart rhythm… perfect heart function…whether through a surgery or through a spontaneous healing, I have no doubt everything within her will function perfectly & properly!  We have a follow up appointment with another cardiologist soon to discuss her treatment and surgery options.

 Believe, Hope & Expect with us! So many of you witnessed God’s miracle working power when our son, Jaidin, had his stroke. Won’t He do it again!

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