{Beyond My Imagination}

On Sunday, July 15th, Lily came downstairs about an hour after bedtime.  Since we were still enjoying fun summer nights, it was around 11p.m.  She said she was having trouble falling asleep because her chest was hurting and her heart was beating really fast.  She’s never complained of anything like this before, so I was concerned and felt her heart rate and it did seem very fast.

Mark pulled out a device he has that measures heart rates  and her heart rate was 193. Very high. It should have been between 50 & 85 just to give you some perspective.  I immediately called our pediatrician and left a message with the on call nurse.  While I waited for a call back, I began packing a bag, because I was pretty sure we’d be headed to the ER.  The doctor called back and said yes, to go straight to the emergency room.

When we got there, we were seen very quickly and before I knew it we were headed to what they called “the big room.”  The big room essentially held any equipment or device that would be needed in an emergency.  A door opened and I counted 15 people that rushed into the room.  4 of them immediately surrounded Lily while others stood at their station ready to go.

A social worker came in and stood by me and starting saying how she was there for me and did I know what was going on etc.  And I’m just praying in my mind because I knew I should be praying and still trying to hear what’s going on-It was a whirlwind.


About 2 minutes later, everyone in the room began high fiving each other and calling Lily a rockstar and I’m like what in the world just happened.  Lily was in SVT, which is when the heart starts to beat very rapidly.

They were able to bring her out of it quickly, it was 196 when they assessed her and just like that it went to 98 by doing something called the vagel manuever.  Someone had been standing by ready to insert an IV and administer medicine, but that wasn’t necessary.

While we were in the room, Lily looked around at everyone and said, “Isn’t it after midnight?”  and they replied yes.  So, then she said, “Wow, aren’t you guys really tired?”  They all started laughing and said no one had ever asked them that before and talked about how sweet she was.  Lily is very sweet and always thinking of others!

She was monitored for several hours in the
ER and her heart stayed beating in perfect rhythm.  The doctor came in to talk with us and said that an abnormal spot showed up on Lily’s EKG, so we needed to follow up with a pediatric cardiologist.  We were sent home around 3:30a.m.


They don’t know why it happened and said it may never happen again.  Everything was fine until August 20th it happened again.  Lily’s heart was racing, I took her to the ER and her heart rate was 200 bpm.  A nurse immediately put her in a wheelchair, rushed her to the big room and the same scenario as before played out.

Thankfully, her heart rate again quickly came down, she was monitored for awhile and sent home.  She got ice cream this time, which was fun:)  This time, we were sent home knowing how to do the vagel manuever.  Now, if it happens again, we can try it at home, but we still have to go to the ER to make sure she’s really out of it.


Back in July we made an appointment with a cardiologist that is finally happening this week.  I’ve been studying for the past month on God’s suddenlies.  And on God doing far more than we can ask or think.  And so I think, “God’s suddenly going to take that spot away.”  My prayer is that when the EKG is repeated, the abnormal spot is no longer there.  

And that’s not a bad thing to pray.  It’s not bad to say “No more abnormal spot in Jesus Name, I decree Lily’s heart beats in perfect rhythm. Be it unto Your glory oh Lord.”

There’s nothing wrong with that prayer.  That’s a good prayer.

But I’m adding to it based on what I’be been studying.  Saying here’s what I’m praying for, but I want you to do more. God’s word says He does things we can’t imagine or think of it, so that’s what I want. I’m praying into this situation – the God who does immeasurably more than I can ask or imagine.  The God of exceeding abundance.  The God who’s thoughts and ways are far higher and greater.

I don’t know the way her healing will come, but I have absolutely no doubt that it will come.

Because I know in Whom I believe.  And He is faithful. 

He is the God of suddenlies.  The God of abundance.  The God who never fails.


Please pray and believe with me for another miracle for Lily.  I’ve seen so many miracles in her life that I know He’ll do it again!

Have a great Monday!

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