Tuesday Talk {Magnify}

Psalm 34:3

“Oh, magnify the Lord with me and let us exalt His name together.”

Magnify means to make something appear larger than it is, especially with a lens or microscope.  It also means to extol or glorify.  When I think about magnifying the Lord,   I think about a magnifying glass.   We use a magnifying glass in order to see something better, to see details.  The magnifying glass does not change the actual image but rather it makes it clearer to us.  The “thing” that you are looking at actually does not change in size.

What changes is how you see it.


When we magnify God we are not changing anything about who God is.  What we are doing is taking a closer look at His attributes, who He said He is through the Word.  God does not change when we Magnify Him, we are the ones who change how we see at Him.  Whatever a magnifying glass is focused on, we see much bigger than it actually is. So we have to be careful of what we are magnifying because sometimes in our lives we are magnifying the wrong thing.

In Psalm 69:30 David says, “I will magnify God with thanksgiving.”  The word “magnify” can be used in two different senses.   It can mean: make something appear greater than it is, as we just talked about like -with a microscope or a magnifying glass.   Or it can mean: make something that may seem small or insignificant appear to be as great as it really is.

For example, this is what a telescope helps us begin to do with the magnificent universe. A telescope is an optical instrument for making distant objects appear larger and therefore nearer.   If you’re viewing the moon from earth, it just looks like a circle in the sky.   But when you view it through a telescope, you see all the details and you can see how big it really is.  The size of the moon hasn’t changed, but the way we view it has.


When David says, “I will magnify God with thanksgiving,” he does not mean: “I will make a small God look bigger than he is.  He means: I will make a big God begin to look as big as he actually is.  There is nothing and no one superior to God.  And so the calling of those who love God is to make His greatness begin to look as great as it really is.

Haven’t you all had experiences like I have in which you feel the goodness and faithfulness of God so intensely at times that you want to say: “O God, how could I have ever doubted You?  How could I ever doubt you again after this?  And then some short time later you find yourself doing just that, discouraged and feeling no confidence in the goodness and greatness of God.

Obviously, the enemy would love nothing more than for us to magnify our problems, our circumstances.   When Jaidin, our youngest son, was in the ICU last year literally fighting for his life.   It was all I could see.  minute after minute, hour after hour, day after day -all I could see was this problem.  I saw everything that Jaidin was facing.  The doctors actually said to us, “He is losing the fight and we need him to win it.”

We desperately needed a miracle.


No one knew what was causing this for Jaidin.  No one had an answer.  I certainly wasn’t feeling joy.  Or peace. I wasn’t sensing the greatness of God in that specific moment.  I was a mom who was anxious and scared and overwhelmed. I had to make myself get into the presence of the King.  And after some time in the presence of my Savior, my heavenly father, after I spent some time focusing on God and His Word.  That’s when He overwhelmed me with His peace and strength and I was then able to focus on the greatness of who He is.

That’s when He gave me the words I clung to all during that time last year “Dont give up expect God.”

Psalm 31:24   “Be brave. Be strong. Don’t give up.  Expect God to get here soon.”

So, every time I became tempted to be distraught, on edge and worried,  Holy Spirit whispered “Don’t you dare give up, expect God.”  I’m not going say from then on out I was just fine and handled everything beautifully.  But when I was struggling and feeling overwhelmed with things doctors were saying and things that were happening,  I could say to God, “I am feeling overwhelmed right now – I’m seeing the hugeness of this problem and instead I need to be overwhelmed by You and what You’re saying.

Overwhelmed means to cover over completely, submerge or to overcome.

Zepheniah 3:17(Message Version)

“Don’t despair.  Your God is present among you.  A strong Warrior there to save you. Happy to have you back, he’ll calm you with His love and delight you with His songs.”

I chose to be overwhelmed at the feet of Jesus.  I chose to be be overwhelmed by His goodness, His greatness and His grace.  I chose to be overwhelmed with His love and mercy.

Psalm 61:2  when my heart is overwhelmed: lead me to the rock that is higher than I.

It’s a choice I had to make daily, sometimes hourly.  Sometimes minute by minute. Sometimes, in the middle of what you are going through, you need to stop and take a moment to hear and embrace what God has to say about your situation.   What comes out of our mouths is a direct reflection of what’s stored in our heart.We need to spend time in His presence hearing what He has to say, so we can grab hold of it and declare it with our mouth.  He is our constant in life’s ever changing events.

Jaidin’s stroke was something we had to walk through.  But God never left us, never forsaked us,  He walked through it with us.   There wasn’t an instant fix, Jaidin wasn’t instantly healed, but our perspective was changed when we magnified the right thing.

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 10.27.18 PM

What are you magnifying today? Magnify the Lord no matter what.  In joy and in sorrow.   It gets our emotions back to where they’re supposed to be when we magnify the Lord and not the problem.

Have a blessed day!

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