{Friday Favorites}



This week, I’m linking up with other bloggers for Friday Favorites.  I have one HUGE favorite today!



Last year, Jaidin was literally fighting for his life. A stroke that led to septic shock, pneumonia and so many other issues. He couldn’t swallow or walk and doctors told us he may never do those things again.  Today, we are undone at the goodness of God. His one year follow up MRI shows that everything has healed nicely- his brain bleed now looks like a small line scar with NO underlying vascular malformation. His neurologist said there is NOTHING abnormal at this point and nothing is likely to happen again. Everything they were worried it could have been, it simply isn’t!  Jaidin has been cleared from any further MRI’s and we only need to schedule an appointment if we have concerns…which I’m believing we won’t!  🙌👊#ExpectGod #ExpectMiracles #BelieveBig #allthepraisehands


Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


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