{Weekend Recap}

My kiddos were on Spring Break this past week.  We did some fun things like spending gift cards we still had from Christmas and going to see a movie.  Then on Thursday the boys headed to spend a few nights with the grandparents and we took the girls to Tennessee for Maddie’s first college visit (Eeek!).



We arrived a day early and decided to explore Ruby Falls.   Lily climbed around while we waited in line.


The area is absolutely gorgeous!


We walked for about an hour through the limestone looking at different cave formations.


Then we got to the waterfall.  It is one of the tallest underground waterfalls in North America and it was beautiful!


We made our way back out through the cave and headed to the top of Lookout Mountain and took a groupie.  (Maddie hates when I call it that, but it’s not a selfie, so…)


The next day was Lee Day!  Cue all the emotions!  I mean, she already looks like a college girl.   Thank God we have one more year!


My brother has built many of the new buildings at Lee and this fountain was also one of his projects.  The girls are pointing to the brick with his name on it.


Maddie and I had a moment and then I needed a picture.  I’ll miss her and I think she’ll miss me too 81-512


I am so proud of Maddie and we loved Lee!  This girl is going to do great things!  It was a whirlwind trip, but a lot of fun too.  We got back Saturday, hugged the boys and got right back into the swing of home life.  Hope you all have a great start to your week!


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